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So you're engaged, now what?! First of all, congratulations!

As a recent bride myself, (Oct. 30 2022) I remember very well the chaos that was planning my wedding. As a photographer, it is my goal to do what I can to make each bride's day go as smoothly as I can on my end. So I made this guide to walk you through the next big steps you should take as you begin planning your wedding, from a recent bride & wedding vendor's perspective!

#1 Pick A Venue

You can't do anything until you pick a date, and you can't do that until you pick a venue and figure out their availability! 

Click here to view my guide to picking your perfect venue.

Click here to view some of the best venues that Austin, TX has to offer!


#2 Pick a Date!

Of course, this is largely dependent on your venue, but also your preference! If you want a fall wedding, but your venue only has spring available you may want to have a spring wedding instead, or you may have to push it a year or pick a new venue! Consider also if you want an indoor or outdoor wedding and what the weather will be like.

#3 Find a planner! (Optional)

Decide if it's in your budget to hire a planner, and when making this decision, consider the cost of your sanity and peace of mind. Do you have the time and mental capacity to plan the wedding on your own? Do you have family and friends who you can truly count on to help you plan?

It's absolutely possible to plan a wedding on your own, but having a planner can be a huge asset! 

You will also want to consider if you need a day of coordinator. There are also planners who offer partial planning or just day of coordinating, etc. 


#4 Start Booking Vendors!

In order, I would recommend booking these as follows:


1) Planner (see #3)

2) Photographer/Videographer 

3) Caterer 

4) DJ

5) Florist 

6) Hair & Makeup

7) Cake, Rentals, Etc.

The first on the list are the most in demand vendors, who typically only handle one event per day. These vendors get booked quickly, so it's important to book yours as soon as you can! 

When you book them - be sure to do your research! Read all of the reviews, on all of the websites and social media pages they have listings on. Make sure you read the fine print on their contract, and make sure you have thoroughly reviewed all of their work before you hire them!

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