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5 Wedding Day Tips From A Wedding Photographer

No wedding goes off without a hitch - some get close, but it's virtually impossible for everything to be executed to an absolute T! As a former "bridezilla" and a current wedding photographer, I can personally attest to this. That being said I have learned a thing or two about how you can prevent some of those hiccups, and help your day go just a little bit smoother.

Bride and groom cutting cake

1) Pack the day or DAYS before the wedding! (And double, triple check!)

If you have a good photographer, they will tell you to pack a little tote or container with all of the important items you want photographed. This should include things like your wedding and engagement rings, your grooms ring, any sentimental jewelry, copies of your invitations, etc. Packing this the day or week before will save you so much stress on the day of the wedding and will save your photographer so much time they would otherwise spend hunting everything down! Click here to save the checklist I use for all of my brides.

Bridal flat lay

2) Pack for your groom too!

Piggybacking off of #1 - be sure to pack any sentimental items the groom may have too! (Because we know he's not even going to know what you're talking about when you ask him to pack things for his detail photos). When most people think of flat lays (those beautiful photos of all the details) they usually think of all of the brides accessories. Why not include the groom's also? My husband had several sentimental items on our wedding day, and I loved that we got to have these documented as part of our magical day.

Groom flat lay

3) The bride should NOT go last for hair and makeup!

In the event that hair & makeup go over the time allocated this will save you so much stress! Brides should go somewhere in the middle towards the end. This will allow more time for photos, and if hair and makeup run over, it will be a bridesmaid who is behind - not you! While that bridesmaid is finishing up, your photographer can snag some solo pics of just you, or get pics of you getting into your dress with your mom, MOH, or whomever you have helping you. You'll still be right on time, and it will be as if there were no delay in hair and makeup at all!

Bride getting ready

4) Make your groom's arrival time 30 minutes earlier than you need it to be!

I can't tell you how many weddings I have been to where the groom is running late. Literally. Every. Single. One. Brides - if you need your groom at the venue by 3 PM - you tell him to have his butt there NO LATER than 2:30 PM (or even 2 if you're feeling ambitious). Chances are, he will be late, but this way he will be there by the time you need him to be there by!

Groom getting ready

5) Take the time to go over your shot list with your photographer!

I can't emphasize this enough. Ladies, I know how burnt out you are in those final days. But trust me when I say it will save you so much heartache to go over that list before the big day. Send any pintrest inspo you have, any instagram photos you see, send us any of the shots you want captured on your day. Some photographers prefer to do this in the weeks leading up to the wedding, but I personally am happy to do it as far out as 3 months before the wedding! This was one of my biggest regrets with my own wedding. I didn't give our photographer enough examples and specifics of what I wanted - and I so badly wish I had!

Wedding ring detail photo

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