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For as long as I can remember I have been OBSESSED with taking photos and preserving memories. My old computers are all full of photos I could never bring myself to delete, no matter how much time had passed since I last looked at them. From landscapes, to my pets, siblings, and friends, I loved documenting it all. Fast forward to my wedding day, and nothing had changed. I was so excited to have gorgeous photos of my husband and I to look back on, frame in our home, and to show our future children one day. I got some of the most stunning photos, but I felt many important moments were missed, and the delivery of them was a nightmare. I kept joking to my husband - "I could do this better if I wanted to". And finally, one day I picked up the camera my job provided for listing photos and I offered a free engagement shoot. I was instantly hooked. The photos are still some of my favorites and I have spent every moment since then practicing, learning, reading, and doing everything I can to get better. You know how sometimes certain things just feel right? Or how sometimes you just know you're where you are meant to be? That's how I feel behind the camera and when I am editing my shoots. Yes, I get tired just like everyone else, but it never ceases to amaze me how I can sit down to edit, and before I know it hours have gone by and I've forgotten to eat dinner. Whether it's a wedding, portraits, family photos, an engagement, I love all of it and I take so much pride in every detail of every photo I take. I would be so honored to be considered as your photographer for whatever occasion you might have.

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